lisa-clifford-fullLisa Clifford grew up in Sydney. She moved to Italy when she was sixteen years old. At seventeen, she fell in love, and there there followed eighteen years of going back and forth between Italy and Sydney, trying to decide where to live. She returned to Australia after winning a scholarship to the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School. Following a career in journalism that includes reporting for 2GB, Mix FM and Channel 10 news, Lisa was associate producer of the Channel 10 Late News. Throughout her career, she continued to travel to Italy to visit her Italian boyfriend, corresponding for 2UE, the ABC’s Radio National and the Voice of America News Service.

Lisa contributes opinion pieces, guides and lifestyle articles on Italy to The Australian, The Australian Financial review, Gourmet Traveler and a range of other magazines and newspapers.

She is the author of Walking Sydney, The Promise – an Italian Romance, which tells the story of those eighteen years of indecision, when Bondi Beach and the Duomo vied for favor, Death in the Mountains, which tells the true story of the murder of her mother-in-law’s grandfather, and most recently Naples, a Way of Love, a photographic journey into the true heart of Naples.

Lisa lives in Florence with her husband (formerly that Italian boyfriend) and two children.